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Connecta’t, col·labora i crea en el PBL Design Camp de High Tech High

Deixa’t inspirar per a transformar la teva aula amb les eines d’HTH!

Fruit de la col•laboració existent entre High Tech High (HTH), l’Escola L’Horitzó i EduCaixa, es realitzarà, per primera vegada a Europa, el PBL Design Camp d’HTH a les nostres instal•lacions.

En el PBL Design Camp aprendràs a dissenyar el teu propi pla d’estudis basat en projectes a partir de les estratègies d’ensenyament desenvolupades per HTH:

  • 16 hores de desenvolupament personal
  • impartit per professorat d’HTH
  • totalment en castellà
  • 8 i 9 de Maig a l’Escola L’Horitzó

Per a més informació:

Impartit per professorat d’HTH:

Hayden Gore

Soy maestro porque amo aprender. Y nada es más emocionante para mí que acompañar a mis alumnos en su proceso de aprendizaje y alentar su pasión por la investigación y el autodescubrimiento en el camino. Como docente veterano de trece años, he trabajado en diversos contextos: escuelas rurales en Guatemala, escuelas bilingües en mi estado natal de Texas y hasta el Colegio Roosevelt, American School of Lima, Perú. Como profesor de Humanidades de sexto grado en High Tech Middle Chula Vista, tengo la suerte de trabajar con un grupo dedicado de educadores que están comprometidos a diseñar experiencias de aprendizaje auténticas para nuestros alumnos a través de PBL (aprendizaje basado en proyectos).

Nuvia Crisol Ruland

Nuvia Crisol Ruland is a scientist and artist passionate about developing and facilitating curriculum based on the creative process at High Tech High Chula Vista. Her middle name, Crisol, Spanish for crucible or melting pot, holds the key to her passion for scientific research and art making.

She’s been following these interests since she graduated from UC San Diego with a B.S. in biochemistry/cell biology and a minor in studio art.  Prior to teaching she worked for nearly 10 years at Arena Pharmaceuticals as a member of the Drug Discovery team. Nuvia was part of a team whose efforts in cardiovascular research led to the development of complex pharmaceuticals that were published in scientific journals.

As a visual artist, she documented her bicultural experience of growing up in Los Angeles while frequenting Baja California, Mexico to visit her family. Her artwork has been displayed on both coasts and on both sides of the border and can be viewed at

Since arriving at High Tech High she has made a leap in her journey as a lifelong learner by earning a Masters degree in Teacher Leadership through HTH’s Graduate School of Education program and completing a year-long Fellowship with the National Equity Project. This August she joined the GSE team as a Professional Learning Coordinator and is thrilled to work closely with educators visiting the High Tech schools. She can’t wait to facilitate experiences that will make others passionate about project-based and social-emotional learning.

This year Nuvia celebrates 12 years of marriage with her favorite artistic collaborator, Jim Ruland. They are actively involved in San Diego’s arts and literary community by creating and supporting events that contribute to the city’s cultural fabric.

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